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A happy landlord Aubrey Johnson, Blue Bell Belmesthorpe, right, getting his POTS award at our beer festival in June from Dave Laughton , Our Pubs Officer.

In Rutland beer scoring on is the only way we select our  Pub of the season (POTS)  and Pub of the year  (POTY). Here David Laughton, our pubs officer, explains  more 

How to beer score

Scoring is achieved via the CAMRA website, Whatpub.  You will need to login using your membership number as your username and your postcode as the password.  It is my experience that most first timers fail for the reason of the password.  Two things may happen.  When you key in your postcode, in capitals and with no spaces, you gain immediate access; this happens rarely.  More frequently you will be told the password is incorrect, under these circumstances, follow the forgotten password link.  Strangely, if you try to change your password to your post code you will be told that the password is too short!

Once in, the rest is fairly logical, in the box; key-in the name of the pub you are looking for and if necessary the town or village of its location.  The system will give prompts and as an example, for the Fox in North Luffenham you only need to type: ‘fox n’ and the pub and location will appear on the list for you to select.  You will then see details about the pub and if you are using a computer you will see a box called Submit Beer Scores on the right hand side.  Fill in as you see fit but note the scores are on a drop down menu and include a guidance note.  Then click Submit Score.

Phones or tablets are slightly different. After selecting the pub you will see the pub details but you need to click on Submit Beer Scores on the maroon menu bar.  This version has a slider for you to select your score but this sometimes locks, if so click on Switch to keyboard to enter score.  The other boxes are logical and ask for beer and brewery details and the date of your visit.  Once again click on Submit Beer Score.  Class dismissed but if you have questions please contact or fill out he form below


Dave Laughton

Pubs occifer

We are off to Cambridge

Its our Beer Festival thank you trip but there might be a few places left.

Departures:   These are a bit ambitious, but please be there at these times

9.30 Ryhall Green Dragon 

9.50 Uppingham Coop

10.10 Langham Wheatsheaf 

10.20 Oakham Grainstore 

10.30 Empingham White Horse

Return: We plan to leave Cambridge outside the Station at 6.00pm, and then make our way back home (via Whittlesey for a comfort break). We will finalise these times on the day. 

There are a few seats left ..just ring Dave Lewin on 0771 875 1126. Should be a great day! Or contact


Score that beer

David Laughton, Pubs Officer Rutland CAMRA, left, presents Shaun & Debbie Rolfe with their Pub of the year certificate.

POTS, POTY & GBG, oh we do love an acronym here at CAMRA!

There has been some comments made recently as to how our Branch select award winners. Here David Laughton, our hard working Pubs Officer, explains. The bottom line is score those beer on  and David will do the rest. Bless him.

Our Pub of the Season (POTS) is selected quarterly. The top three pubs are identified purely by average beer scores over the quarter and each must have had three or more scoring visitors. To ensure that there has been no attempt to manipulate the process these are scrutinised prior to the next branch meeting. It is rare that any are set aside but it is not unheard of. During the calendar year a pub can only receive one POTS award. The three pubs are then notified to the membership as contenders.

Members may vote for their preferred pub at the meeting or by email to The only stipulation is that they must have visited the pub they are voting for in the last quarter. Obviously, the pub receiving the most votes gets the award. The votes are recorded for future use. This process is repeated for the four seasons.

After the final winter POTS the recorded scores from above are totalled and a fifth pub is identified as highly commended. These five are then our contenders for our Pub of the Year (POTY) which is then decided by a separate group of volunteers using the POTY scoring system recommended by CAMRA. Other factors about the pub are considered such as Style, Décor, Furnishing & Cleanliness; Service & Welcome; Community Focus & Atmosphere plus Alignment with CAMRA Principles and inevitably Quality of Beer/Cider/Perry. Our POTY is then eligible for the Regional competition.

The final two entries permitted for Rutland are decided by examination of the entire years average beer scores and having had three or more scoring visitors; previous POTS and Highly Commended obviously excluded.

David Laughton

Pubs Officer



Please write to your MP regarding Beer Duty and rates


Last week, the Chancellor announced that the Budget has been brought forward to 29th October. That’s less than four short weeks away! It’s really important we make the case to the Chancellor that urgent action is needed to save pubs from extinction.

Between now and the Budget, we need to contact as many MPs as possible to let them know how the Chancellor can make this a Budget for beer drinkers and pub goers like you and me.

That’s why I’m asking for your help. Can you spare two minutes to email your MP and help save pubs?

UK beer tax remains among the highest in Europe, which is part of the reason why consumers are finding the price of a pint increasingly unaffordable.

To save our pubs, we need the Chancellor to:

  • Cancel current plans to increase beer tax and commit to no increases
  • Keep and increase business rate relief for pubs that is due to end this year

By doing this we can make sure our locals stay open, and that the cost of the beer we drink there is kept down.

So, as a beer and pub lover, please get involved.

Contact us on the website or directly to me if you need a hand.


Jon Whowell

Chairman Rutland CAMRA Branch


Rutland Brewer recognised at highest level

 Jill Perkins and Dean Baker of Bakers’s Dozen return from London well earned finalists at Great British Beer Festival

 8th August 2018Bakers Dozen, based in Ketton, in Rutland, has been recognised as one of the leading beers in Britain at the Great British Beer Festival held in London this week.

Their Electric Landlady was one of the finalists in the Golden Beer category. This is a huge accolade as they competed against  several hundreds of beers from all over the UK.

Rutland CAMRA are so proud of Dean Baker and partner Jill Perkins for thier hard work and determination. Not Champions this year but there is plenty of time.