Autumn Pub of the season – voting begins

Well hello everyone! 

Gosh aren’t these exciting times! Test Match…..Brexit(sorry)….POTS voting. PLEASE don’t get too excited however, although I always reckon a couple of pints helps steady the nerves. Now then- to business!  

1. The 3 Pubs/Clubs shortlisted through beer scoring for the Autumn Pub Of The Season (POTS) are …in no particular order

  • Empingham Cricket and Social Club 
  • Green Dragon Ryhall 
  • Grainstore Oakham. 

Please VOTE for your choice, by EITHER sending your vote electronically or vote in person at the September branch meeting (see below) . NB Please send your electronic votes to: (This is a temporary arrangement as both our new pubs officer and our newly retired pubs officer are currently unavailable) You MUST include your name and CAMRA number when you send your vote. Why not use this weekend to pop round them all?  E-Voting closes at midnight on Wed Sept 11. You don’t have long! 


2. The next Branch meeting will be held on Thurs.SEPT 12 at the ‘Plough’ in Greetham. The (relatively) new licensee is very keen to meet us, so let’s try to get a decent turn out. Normal agenda .We will kick off @ 7.30 pm. They are generally jolly affairs so please contemplate attending. Let’s crowd out the pub! . 

3.Our membership continues to grow apace, so thank you for your efforts! Remember the challenge is for EVERY member to coerce/persuade someone else to join. We had 219 members as of our AGM , but I can report that our branch membership as of 01 September now stands at 227! That’s some increase…so let’s keep this up! 

4 Talking of the AGM , the (draft) minutes of the meeting can be found on our website (see above). The main news is that officers remain the same EXCEPT that we have a new Pubs Officer, Andrew Hull, who takes over from Dave Laughton who had filled this role with great aplomb, skill and humour for a good number of years. We thank Dave very much for his contribution to the branch and wish Andrew well as he takes up the reigns (Burghley topical jest)

Andrew has made the reasonable plea that members HELP him in this role by keeping him informed of pub news as he will not be able to monitor all that is going on . Eventually we would like members to volunteer to ‘adopt’ a pub/s and regularly update him on what is going on in these pubs re beers/ciders on offer/ changes in licensee/beer festivals etc. We are getting the pubs officer email address switched over to Andrew, but it is not yet operational.

Rich Harris has also offered to ‘shadow’ me in my roles of Branch Secretary/Membership Secretary and we will be getting together soon to organise this. Thanks Rich! 

5. Cask Ale Week is scheduled for 19-29 September, and as a branch I have gained the Chair’s enthusiastic approval that we need to get behind this initiative.

  • I have written to all the pubs that I have email addresses for(my list is not complete) to tell em that they should at least investigate supporting this week and that they can get info at .   
  • Can we ALL visit at least one pub (hopefully more) during this week and then:

(1) Write a very brief report of your visit ..ales/ciders available /any other points of interest and send it to ME . I will forward to Andrew.

(2) Score your visit (if you are not sure HOW to please have a look at the instructions on our web site)

(3) Tell the licensee why you are there; check to see if they are CAMRA members; and if they are NOT then try to persuade them that they should be. Either give them a leaflet OR simply tell em yo visit the CAMRA web site and click on the join up button. 

Well that’s all I think you can cope with! See you at the Branch meeting in Greetham…perhaps all 227 of us…that would certainly make a page article in ‘what’s brewing’….

Wassail,  and of course, Toodle Pip

Dave Casewell 

Rutland CAMRA Branch Secretary

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