Please write to your MP regarding Beer Duty and rates


Last week, the Chancellor announced that the Budget has been brought forward to 29th October. That’s less than four short weeks away! It’s really important we make the case to the Chancellor that urgent action is needed to save pubs from extinction.

Between now and the Budget, we need to contact as many MPs as possible to let them know how the Chancellor can make this a Budget for beer drinkers and pub goers like you and me.

That’s why I’m asking for your help. Can you spare two minutes to email your MP and help save pubs?

UK beer tax remains among the highest in Europe, which is part of the reason why consumers are finding the price of a pint increasingly unaffordable.

To save our pubs, we need the Chancellor to:

  • Cancel current plans to increase beer tax and commit to no increases
  • Keep and increase business rate relief for pubs that is due to end this year

By doing this we can make sure our locals stay open, and that the cost of the beer we drink there is kept down.

So, as a beer and pub lover, please get involved.

Contact us on the website or directly to me if you need a hand.


Jon Whowell

Chairman Rutland CAMRA Branch


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