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Updated 05-01-2021

We wish you a Happier New Year. So its lock down again and there is confusion about if pubs are allowed to do off sales. Please lobby your MP, in Rutland its Alicia Kearns, to try and get this going again. There are also extra grants available including a one off of £1000 for pubs. This is allocated at County level, pubs in neighbouring counties have got this, please contact you County Ward Councillor

Rutland CAMRA beer festival June 24th to 27th Oakham

Plans are being made, the venue is booked, County Museum and we are confident this will go ahead. watch this space but put the date in your diaries, something to look forward to

Pub of The Season Summer 2020 has been awarded to The Grainstore, Oakham.

Pub of The Season Autumn 2020 has been awarded to The Green Dragon, Ryhall

Congratulations to both Pubs, please continue to vote for Pubs on Whatpub.com

Dec 2nd Please be safe and if you can let us know what hours your locals are keeping n this next phase. Article from Stamford Mercury dated 1st Dec 2020 https://www.stamfordmercury.co.uk/news/tier-2-is-not-a-win-for-pubs-and-bars-9143412/

David “Dangerous” Laughton is on the mend. Our previous pubs officer has been in the wars recently but has sent a Facebook message saying he is looking forward to getting home. Those that know him on FB or otherwise please say hello.

Rutland recognises COVID Hero Pubs and Breweries 27th November 2020

COVID UPDATE 27th November 2020

I am sure that we all have seen the intended tier structure and its implications for Rutland. We are mainly surrounded by Counties that are now at tier 3 and our hearts go out to those Pubs and businesses that will suffer.

We must keep on obeying the strict rules if we are to maintain or even improve on our tier level. I trust that our MP, who I will be writing to, and County and Borough Councillors will lobby to improve the situation for all of us.

Branch members have nominated a number of Pubs in Rutland that have supplied Real Ale drinkers with quality beers and for being a major part of their Community during the Covid-19 lockdown periods of 2020.

And we thank them for keeping us going. A copy of the certificate is attached.

These pubs are :

Empingham Cricket & Sports Club 
Grainstore Brewery Tap, Oakham
Wheatsheaf, Langham
Railway Inn, Ketton
Plough, Greetham
Green Dragon, Ryhall
Exeter Arms, Barrowden
The Boot, South Luffenham 
White Lion, Whissendine

Jolly Brewer Stamford    was selected despite it not being in Rutland but they led the way in supplying take away beer immediately after the first lockdown was announced

The Branch also wanted to recognise the valuable work done by our local breweries, as you can’t have a Pub without beer, and so Baker’s Dozen, Ketton and The Grainstore Brewery, Oakham will receive an award in our usual quality frames !

 It is hoped that these will be presented in a socially distanced manner as soon as lockdown reverts into tier 2.

Please, please, comply with advice and obey the Pub’s rules also please respect the investment these Pubs and Breweries have made to keep us safe and sane

 Jon Whowell, Branch Chairman Rutland CAMRA chair@rutlandcamr.org.uk

Exeter Arm, Barrowden is fighting for survival 27th Nov 2020

Rutland CAMRA supports the efforts to keep this vital pub going https://www.stamfordmercury.co.uk/news/pubs-future-hangs-in-the-balance-9142743/

Our Branch Magazine the Tiny Pint 21 sadly will not be will be in your pubs soon, but here is a link to it

Rutland CAMRA Pub Of The Year 2020 is The Railway Inn Ketton, see news page

A fine winner

Welcome to the Rutland CAMRA Web page. From Jon Whowell Chairman Rutland CAMRA Chair@rutlandcamra.org.uk

We are a body of over 200+ men & women, most of whom live in Rutland, who are dedicated to preserving Real Ales & Cider in Real Pubs and Clubs for Real People like you and me. In these awful times the Pubs of Rutland have striven to keep both their customers and communities happ. Beer deliveries, beer & food takeaways and serving windows have helped . The licensees, staff and suppliers are to be praised and thanked for doing this vital work.

Now its up to all of us to support your local, and if safe , not so locals.

Obey the instructions, they are there for your benefit. Do not try and be clever or it will be back to lockdown for an even longer period.

We all feel for the pubs and businesses in Leicester and hope that this can be resolved safely soon. Some of our pubs in the “border” regions have not opened as they have justifiable concerns for safety.

So come on we are all adults, now is the time to show it, be safe, be kind and enjoy your next pint as soon as you can. Jon Whowell 13th July 2020


Meetings are usually held around the County on the 2nd Thursday of the month, details on the Events page, we also hold social and survey trips which usually involve visiting pubs – very hard work. So do keep an eye for these.

Visit our Events Page

Enough from me, thank you for visiting us and I hope you come and support us and our Pubs soon.