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Updated 03-11-2020

Well it worked, pubs can do off sales now lets get behind our pubs & Breweries. Also thanks to Alicia Kearns for supporting our efforts


This response to our message, see below received very promptly . Read On

Dear Jon

Thank you for contacting me about your concerns with takeaway alcohol, I do agree that alcohol should not be included in the restrictions. I know how hard CAMRA has been working across the constituency and the country in supporting our local breweries and pubs.

I’ve lobbied Cabinet Office colleagues over the weekend already, as it’s not sensible and will further strengthen supermarkets against pubs and breweries, something I have been advocating on the behalf of the many pubs and breweries across Rutland and Melton and know it is something all CAMRA members will be in support of.

As soon as I know more, I will write to you again.

Stay safe –


Alicia Kearns MP

Member of Parliament for Rutland and Melton
Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and National Security Strategy Joint Committee

The following has been sent to our MP Alicia Kearns. Please contact her if you agree. alicia.kearns.mp@parliament.uk

Dear Ms Kearns,

As you recall I am the Chairman of the Rutland Branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). I understand how busy you are and fully expect an automatic response but this issue if concern of many in our constituency

Our 200 Rutland branch members are dedicated to the preservation of Real ale in Real Pubs for Real people. We have 3 breweries in the county and several more close to our borders with, for example, Round Corner Brewing based in Melton Mowbray. There are over 60 pubs, bars , sports clubs restaurants and hotels selling real ale in Rutland employing over 1500 people. I know you recognise the enormous contribution the hospitality industry makes to Rutland’s economy.

The Prime Minister’ announcement on Saturday did not surprise many. But one thing, in the announcement that did, and has serious implications,  is the prohibition of allowing well run pubs from providing off sales, as in a take away, of alcohol.  I can understand that in town and city centres there have been some problems but in our constituency there has been no issues that I have heard of.

Many pubs in the 1st lock down closed,  but some recognising the importance of the ‘Pub being the hub’ came up with ingenious, legal and safe methods of providing not just beers and drinks but food deliveries and general community monitoring. This has helped pubs to survive, and helped them provide a genuine community need, but this new prohibition may prove to be fatal of a number of businesses.

Could I prevail on you, as our elected member, to speak to whoever is deciding this issue to reconsider for the benefit of an important part of our economy, and also to support both local communities and economies.

My Members and I look forward to your urgent response


Jon Whowell

Chairman Rutland CAMRA

07780 923439



Nick and Susan Holford have assembled some information as to what Pubs are open in Rutland. Any additions/ updates please send to pubs@rutlandcamra.org.uk

Here are the fruits of their labour. When going to the Pubs please observe any instructions . Always have a face mask handy and take your own hand sanitiser. Well done to all involved in reopening. We are very very grateful

13th July : an update from Susan and Nick

Our Branch Magazine the Tiny Pint 21 sadly will not be will be in your pubs soon, but here is a link to it

Rutland CAMRA Pub Of The Year 2020 is The Railway Inn Ketton, see news page

A fine winner

Welcome to the Rutland CAMRA Web page. From Jon Whowell Chairman Rutland CAMRA Chair@rutlandcamra.org.uk

We are a body of over 200+ men & women, most of whom live in Rutland, who are dedicated to preserving Real Ales & Cider in Real Pubs and Clubs for Real People like you and me. In these awful times the Pubs of Rutland have striven to keep both their customers and communities happ. Beer deliveries, beer & food takeaways and serving windows have helped . The licensees, staff and suppliers are to be praised and thanked for doing this vital work.

Now its up to all of us to support your local, and if safe , not so locals.

Obey the instructions, they are there for your benefit. Do not try and be clever or it will be back to lockdown for an even longer period.

We all feel for the pubs and businesses in Leicester and hope that this can be resolved safely soon. Some of our pubs in the “border” regions have not opened as they have justifiable concerns for safety.

So come on we are all adults, now is the time to show it, be safe, be kind and enjoy your next pint as soon as you can. Jon Whowell 13th July 2020


Meetings are usually held around the County on the 2nd Thursday of the month, details on the Events page, we also hold social and survey trips which usually involve visiting pubs – very hard work. So do keep an eye for these.

Visit our Events Page

Enough from me, thank you for visiting us and I hope you come and support us and our Pubs soon.